Who I Am - Craig Francis

I'm Craig.

I grew up in the whitetail hunting woods of South Carolina. The south will always be home, but my wife and I rest our heads just outside of Seattle. I am currently the Content Manager for Filson where I am learning to concentrate my efforts with camera and pen into one cohesive brand narrative. I find that singularity to be a great challenge and a task that I aim to meet with dedication and focus.

Previously, I've worked at several agencies that served clients within the outdoor industry. There I directed content, built and led influencer networks, and ran social media for clients like Zeiss, Tanglefree, Hellsbay Boatworks and many others. I enjoy the creative angles and challenges from each seat at the greater marketing table: freelance, agency, and in-house, and I still maintain a select group of creative and consulting clients to scratch that "I need to do more" itch that I just can't seem to satisfy.

It brings me great joy to chat with other creatives, learn from them, and perhaps lend a hand or piece of advice gleaned from my life and career thus far. If I can be of any help, to anyone, please feel free to reach out and lets talk about how I might help you win at whatever you deem worth winning.